Why this blog:
This blog came about in January of 2010 because I loved to cook, but I had grown tired of cooking.  So, I began the blog to document the ways I have been re-inspired: I cooked page 210, once a week (day of the week variable), for a year.  Why 210? Because it was the closest I could get to 2010 without having very thick cookbooks.  The next year, I cooked everything in my CSA box from Full Belly Farm and had a new name for the blog for the new year.  Hence the change in upholstery and the name change (but not the address change--I had to keep some continuity and all).

What do I do now?
I decided to put the gimmicks aside.  No page numbers.  No boxes (although we sometimes still get the box; mostly we shop at the farmer's market, given that it's less than a block from our house).  Instead, now I cook.  And I muse.  And I think about my little life here in the Bay Area.

Some highlights include cooking what's in my cookbooks, with lots of nods to the true chefs who came up with these wonderful ideas, eating with the family in a little side project we call "Family Dinner" once a month, and thinking about how food connects to literature (a little addiction I cannot help). 

Other information about me
Well, I am a teacher by day, a runner by night (and sometimes very early morning).  I am a Midwesterner by birth, but a Westerner at heart.  I sometimes will eat pickles for dinner.